Brotherhood of the Rose

Brotherhood of the Rose ( A rózsa szövetsége )
1989 – 240 min

Peter Strauss as Romulus
Robert Mitchum as John Eliot
Connie Sellecca as Erika Bernstein
David Morse as Remus
James Sikking as Felix
M. Emmet Walsh as Hardy
James Hong as Col. Chan
Rhys McConnochie as Orlik



Romulus and Remus are two CIA agents, their direct instructor is John Elliott. They both were picked up at an orphanage by Elliott at the age of about eight, raised together as brothers and specially trained to supersede every other agent in the service. This is what they know. What they do not know is that they are part of a system Elliott had invented to build up his own private army of pros which can be assigned to any job he wishes. One day Romulus takes over a job in the course of which he and his team blow up a house and about half a dozen civilians with it. After that Romulus feels he is being chased by both men of the CIA and the Mossad. He has to find out that Elliott betrayed both him and Remus from the start. Elliott used them and others, which were recruited and raised the same way Romulus and Remus were, to support a secret agreement that was constituted between top secret service leaders of England, France, Russia, Germany and the USA after the second world war. To its …

IMDB (6.5)