Just sex and nothing else

Just sex and nothing else ( Csak szex és más semmi )
2005 / 97 min

Schell Judit as Dóra
Dobó Kata as Zsófi
Csányi Sándor as Tamás
Gesztesi Károly as Paskó
Jordán Adél as Saci



Dora, the pretty playwright one day realizes that her groom has a wife. The love is also constant problems for her best friend, and Sophie’s advice an advertisement. And from now on there’s no stopping! A handsome actor appeared in the person of Thomas, and here a successful composer, a Turkish boy and now you all tangled. But then, as usual, the love is knocking on the door.

Director: Krisztina Goda
Writers: Réka Divinyi, Krisztina Goda

IMDB (8.1)